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Thursday, December 23, 2021




OSMAK Hotel and Suites is set to host a Christmas eve party-themed "XMAS EVE GROOVE", an event to get loose and have fun.

The Party is a pre-opening event of the magnificent edifice!!!
The city’s bests have been contacted from Dj Nesco to the ever versatile Wyza to quintessential Oyinkanade and the Diva; Sade Blaq.

The groove party will take place at OSMAK Hotel and Suites; situated at Akala express road, beside the Anchor mall, Zionist estate, Ibadan, Oyo State.
Your Christmas Eve just got better!!!
The hotel has 28 sophisticated rooms; suites and 2 service apartments!
There is also an inside lounge, an outside bar, a standard and well maintained swimming pool amongst other basic amenities
For more details, pls contact
09032598665 or 09032638908

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The Movie #AfricanMessiah is now Showing at a Cinema Near You

  The Movie #AfricanMessiah is now Showing at a Cinema Near You

It all started as an idea and now it looks like reality is upon us. The movie #AfricanMessiah is now showing at a cinema near you, this is a movie you cannot afford to miss.


Mr Ibrahim S. Okwilague, the Executive Director of the movie disclosed that 20% of what ever the movie will generate at the box office after tax will be contributed to the less privileged as he believes giving back to the society matters a lot in what ever one does.


In case you're looking forward to getting entertained with your loved ones, #AfricanMessiah is a movie you should watch at the cinema with your family and friends.

Starring: @lasisielenu










Directed by:@blessingegbe1

Produced by @peekaboomg


Screenplay by @blessingegbe1










@magnificentcinemas  @vicoladcinemasisolo @vinmilancinemasasaba












Ep @greatiby

Distributed by @greatibyentertainment






Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Heritage Bank unveils OCTIPLUS, the All-In-One App!

Heritage Bank unveils OCTIPLUS, the All-In-One App!

Heritage Bank has launched its digital banking proposition, OCTIPLUS. The
application is a bank-agnostic, all-in-one digital banking application, which grants
users access to a bouquet of financial, lifestyle and social networking features with
the convenience of converging card-based transactions within one application.
The transactional and lifestyle application stands out in the industry, with its Bank-
Agnostic capability and exposes users to a suite of exciting features that augments
the usual transactional features – bills payments, funds transfer and airtime
recharge. The app also guarantees access to relevant financial management tools
which facilitates an improved spend and savings culture.

The Digital Banking Platform promises an intelligent omni-channel experience that
will allow users enjoy seamless and borderless transactional experience across
multiple digital touch-points.

OCTIPLUS offers swift access to personalized banking services from all payment
cards linked to the application, irrespective of the issuing Nigerian Bank. Join the
revolution today and experience convenience, convergence and the freedom to
consummate transactions without any hassle!

Who is the App for?
OCTIPLUS is built to address the needs of young adults, tech-savvy millennials and
young professionals. OCTIPLUS is not just an App, it is a lifestyle for the go-getter.

How to get started?
OCTIPLUS is available on the Google and iOS App Stores. Download the App today
and live the OCTIPLUS life.

OCTIPLUS…All your Bank Cards are welcome!

Wednesday, November 3, 2021



Ufitfly, a premium and foremost travel agency that is dedicated to serving the travel needs of individuals and organizations is formally launching today a new exciting package for all existing and new clients.

The Kigali x DRC combo package in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism, Congo is set to be the next big thing!

There will be live testimonials from Tolu Oluwo and IK Onyema (Big Brother Season 5) who have been to these two countries and experienced what we are all going to experience come December 13-21, 2021

The launch is today; Wednesday, November 3, 2021, at the Ufitfly headquarters, in Ibadan, Oyo State from 5pm-6:15pm.

We will also be serving light refreshments for you our esteemed guests.

You can also join online via @ufitfly.lagos or @official_ufitfly or @trogworldmedia

You can call Mr. Nathaniel on +2347039367678 for more inquiries

Announcer: tRoG World Media

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Another Whitevill Hotel is set to open in the city of Ibadan


Another Whitevill Hotel is set to open in the city of Ibadan.

This positive brand “Whitevilll Hotel” has taken a step forward towards their vision and goal of expansion by establishing another branch, the hotel which is located in the prestigious city of Ibadan at Kuola, Akala Expressway, Ibadan.


The premium hotel does not only has reloaded comfort but also provides 24hours electricity, security personnel, and a lot more of the premium classic that sets them apart from the rest.

They are now publicly announcing their excitement by inviting masses to come and help their share in their joy at the hotel Grand Opening which will take place at the new branch, Kuola Akala Expressway on Sunday, 31st of October 2021 at 4 pm prompt which will be hosted by MC Peteru and performing are guest artists, Keanzo, Oyinkanade, and Snoweezy.

For more details about the event, you can contact them on 08178788764 or 08098988764 or 08063461411. You can also dm us on our social media page @whitevillhotels

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Music was the get away from the noise reality had to offer – Chantel


Music was the get away from the noise reality had to offer – Chantel

TROG World Media hosted a personal interview with upcoming artiste Chantel who introduced herself as OJUOLAPE PELUMI MARY and explained the interpretation of her stage name as a term that was coined from the words “chant” and “tell”.

She revealed that looking back, her background was full of opposition that it would have been difficult to conclude she will end up as a music artist. She started writing music because she found solace in it and that it was a get away from the noise reality had to offer.

She says being a music artiste will always be her first choice but if music didn’t work, she would definitely be a fashion designer; she further described her creative process as to involve self motivation, determination and most importantly a sprinkle of soothing music. All this including personal experience come together to inspire her to make good music, this shows she is very intentional about her content.
She then revealed her role models to be Tiwa Savage and Beyonce, she said her most favorite song to perform is Iremide remix, which written by very herself.

When asked what inspires her music, she replied that it depends on her mood and environment. She said the next frontier for her to conquer as an artist will be to make music that would transcend time, launching award winning Album(s) was stated to be a desired goal too. Owing to her interest in fashion designing she included that having a cloth brand would not be a bad idea. She disclosed that it was her heart desire to fulfil all these within the next five years.

She further mentioned during the interview that she would change how female performers/acts are perceived and treated in the music industry.

And On a final note, she sent a message out to her every fans promising to always make good music and never let them down especially when it came to contents.

Monday, October 18, 2021

Copacapana CEO Wins City People Award


Copacapana CEO Wins City People Award
The City People, the Nigeria oldest softsell magazine has awarded the CEO of Copacapana group of companies, Chief Ahmed Ajibola for his outstanding contribution to the entertainment and hospitality industry.
The 1st City People Ibadan Young Entrepreneurs' Awards 2021 which was created to celebrate promising and successful young entrepreneurs in the city of Ibadan in a bid to create more friendly environment for business.
The awardee, Chief Ahmed Ajibola expressed delight upon receiving the maiden awards of the City People. He said, "it is one thing to be outstanding and to keep raising the bar, I really appreciate the City People, for this honour of finding me worthy of been bequeathed with this award"
The awarding ceremony, which was earlier held on Sunday, October 17 at the Mauve 21 Event Centre, Ibadan which had in attendance friends and dignitaries.

Accolades As Suave Empire CEO Wins City People and Oodua Awards


Accolades As Suave Empire CEO Wins City People and Oodua Awards
It was such a glamorous weekend as the CEO of SUAVE Empire, Mr. Matthew Kehinde OGUNNIYI alias Emperor EXPY-D-Don won the Maiden City People Awards and the Oodua Special Recognition Awards (OSRA).
Earlier on Saturday, the Oodua Special Recognition Awards (OSRA) has announced Suave Empire CEO, Mr. Matthew K. Ogunniyi has one of the winner of the prestigious OSRA awards.
The gala night, which was held on Saturday at Iyeru Ideal Centre, Parakin Ile Ife.
The awards which was to celebrate the importance of individuals in the promotion and upholding of Yoruba values and cultures, which qualified Matthew Ogunniyi, said the organizer.
While on Sunday, The City People announced the Chief Executive Officer of SUAVE Empire, Matthew K. Ogunniyi as the winner of her maiden award in the fashion and Agriculture category.
While explaining the yardstick for announcing Mr. Ogunniyi as a winner in the awarding ceremony held at Mauve 21, Ibadan, the anchor, explained that, "Mr. Ogunniyi has been one of the consistent top performer in the fashion industry in the recent years, he has contributed heavily and he deserves this maiden awards more than anyone".
Upon receiving the awards, CEO, SUAVE Empire explained that, "all glory and adoration goes to the Almighty God and I really appreciate the City People for this initiatives".
" I also dedicate this award to The entire staffs of Suave Empire and co limited, my wife who is also the managing director and vice chairman of SUAVE Empire and co limited, and to all my friends and customers of SUAVE Empire.

Friday, October 1, 2021

The Unprecedented Story of Kika Good Hair


The Unprecedented Story of Kika Good Hair

Kika Osunde, is widely & fondly known as Kika Good Hair is a serial entrepreneur driven by turning impossibilities to possibilities, fashion & luxury hair enthusiast & a computer media application influencer, with over ten years of business experience.

Kika Good Hair is regarded as one of the youngest entrepreneurs in Nigeria. She is the Co-Founder of Good Hair Ltd, Brass & Copper Lifestyle & the Good Hair Space a diversified conglomerate, based in Nigeria, with business interests and subsidiaries in neighboring West African countries & Europe.

In further recognition of her many contributions to the economic and social development of Nigeria and her consistent commitment to good causes and the Nigerian nation, as a philanthropist she founded Kika Osunde Foundation by financially elevating poorer communities by providing funded schemes to support and continuously improve the generation of small businesses and entrepreneurship across Africa and Europe with financial & Non-financial Support through Kika Osunde Foundation Entrepreneur Fund Program.

A standardized holistic tool aimed at supporting entrepreneurs by providing affordable and accessible financing, provision of entrepreneurship training and personal development support, access to mentorships from experts and high value members in relevant industries, providing micro and small to medium enterprises with ongoing support, ensuring their businesses are de-risked making them attractive and furthermore lucrative to potential

investors, Creating sustainable employment opportunities and tailored solutions to developmental challenges within Africa by building successful businesses within the African landscape & provision of training in specific areas relevant business operations i.e., finance and financial reporting, marketing, business plan development etc.

Through Kika Osunde Foundation with the hope and goal, to create a substantial and positive exchange between poorer communities and individuals or organizations with an immense scale of expertise and knowledge, to help improve the lives of people living in developing ecosystems and economies.

She understands that not everyone is exposed to the same level of opportunity, support and guidance and she firmly believes that this foundation will be a platform upon which we can provide those without this opportunity the chance to make a way for themselves, to encourage the shift from unemployed to entrepreneur.

The only epithets that can aptly capture the essence of this visionary lady is a colossus.

A personality that encompasses simplicity and a knack for qualitative service to humanity and especially giving back to our generation.

Kika Osunde is garbed with enviable success with a guiding mantra that says (Preparing generation for total greatness) A lady who has attracted multiple honorees with a catalog and a dazzling height success. Kika Osunde is leading light and a formidable beckon of hope in our generation.

Hear her and what she thinks about our generation, “Our aim is to make future leaders of this generation such as to have self-confidence to meet the challenges of the future, the humility to knowledge, the success of others, the compassion to support others who encounter difficulties and the maturity to take responsibility for their own action” Kika Good Hair is a visionary pacesetter and a woman of valor.


Wednesday, September 29, 2021

The past decade of innovation in Real Estate has focused on how to find the home of your dreams.


Pentonville Luxury is a visionary Real Estate Development, Construction & Investment Company. Pentonville Specializes in pioneering architecturally distinct residential & commercial Real Estate. Pentonville expertise spans to every aspect of real estate equation, whether it is identifying and assembling sites, zoning and financing/capital fund raising or master planning and striking architectural design. Pentonville Is a private, independent, locally-owned and managed, full-service real estate company. We at Pentonville Luxury Property, believe that our client’s satisfaction is a continuous stream to be nurtured. Our job does not end when a deal is completed but rather starts again with another dimension of customer service. What makes us outstanding in the huge real estate market of Nigeria is the unrivaled team commitment and professionalism that we are known to deliver, together with outstanding and well-defined management services of the highest quality. To us, real estate is as much a passion as it is a business.

Our vision is to be a profitable leader in residential real estate. We will serve our clients’ needs and will consistently produce and manage developments of lasting value to the community. We recognize the need to be flexible, entrepreneurial, and aggressive, both as individuals and as a company. We believe in teamwork, innovation, professionalism, and long-term decision-making.


Our Mission is to be a profitable leader in residential real estate. We will serve our clients’ needs and will consistently produce and manage developments of lasting value to the community. We recognize the need to be flexible, entrepreneurial, and aggressive, both as individuals and as a company. We believe in teamwork, innovation, professionalism, and long-term decision-making. We endeavor to preserve and enhance our reputation for integrity through all our actions.

Values are the fundamental belief of an organization and we at Pentonville luxury homes believe in honesty and integrity. We work with most professional teams through excellent communication. We respect others by portraying our own appropriate behavior. We also believe in positive attitude, encourage creativity & customer satisfaction. We are responsible for our actions and understand their impact on others. We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers (internally and externally) by anticipating, understanding and responding appropriately to their needs.

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Cubana Group Partners Optimum Drinks, Set To Lunch Sageitude Wines In Ibadan come October 9, 2021


Cubana Group Partners Optimum Drinks, Set To Lunch Sageitude Wines In Ibadan come October 9, 2021
The Chairman, Cubana Group, Obi Cubana is set to launch his "premium range of Sageitude wines" (Cubana Wines) which is to include La Reserva Premium, Alexander the Great and Varna Red wines in Ibadan. The Sageitude Wines is to be solely distributed by Optimum drinks.
Optimum drinks, which is one of the leading outlets in drinks distribution in Nigeria has acquired licence to market and distribute the exotic drinks at their branches at Ibadan and the southwest respectively.
Mr. Bukola Odeleye, who  facilitated the partnership between the Cubana Group, Sageitude Wines and Optimum Drinks also considers this as a start to a new dispensation.

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Capacity Building, The 2021 Corporate Charisma Conference – IPDCRM President, Ayobami Owolabi

Capacity Building, The 2021 Corporate Charisma Conference – IPDCRM President, Ayobami Owolabi

In an exclusive Interview granted to TROG World Media, the President of the Institute of Personality Development and Customer Relationship Management, Dr. Ayobami Owolabi FPD CR explains various rationale behind the Corporate Charisma Conference as well as Award ceremony amongst others.

The Seasoned Administrator had his First degree at the Ogun State University (Now Olabisi Onabanjo University). He had his two Masters' Degree in Communication Arts and ‘Peace and Conflict Studies’ at the University of Ibadan and obtained his PhD degree in Integrated Public Communication.

Explaining the rationale behind establishment of this Institute, Dr Owolabi explained that “there is need to establish an Institute studying symbiotic relationship of customer Relationship and personality development for effective corporate sustainability. The Institute has pulled this distinct “personality development” and “customer development” for efficient corporate relationship and sustainability.
The Institute, which was established in 2016 has been registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission, approved by the Ministries of Finance, Education and Justice. The Governance Structure of the Institute has the Board of Trustees Chaired by Professor Jide Owoeye while The Council is chaired by Dr. Mrs. Ola Ayeni while the Management cadre is chaired by the President.

The 2021 Corporate Charisma Conference which will be held on 17th September, 2021 will focus on capacity building and awarding ceremony. The Conference which will witness various Speaker’s from Personality Development and Customer Relationship. Dr. Chuck Garcia, an All-time Best seller on Amazon is the Keynote speaker. The event will be held at the Prestigious Adeline Hall, Lead City University, Ibadan, Oyo state.

The Award Ceremony entails awarding outstanding individuals and Organizations from different sectors, private, public, religious, corporate etc.
Explaining the metrics for the award, he said, the Institute “constituted a five-man committee that looked into the profile of the intended awardee to measure how committed they are into their Organizational visions and missions. The rationale behind this is to build a think tank and form a pool of resources that will be important for the entire human generations.”
In his advice for youth and budding entrepreneurs and policy makers, he urged them to be focused, endure and pursue their dreams despite challenges that might set in.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021




HoganHost BIRTHDAY, ANNIVERSARY SALE! free web hosting and free vps/dedicated server

HoganHost ANNIVERSARY SALE: HoganHost is turning 2 years old, so they are going to celebrate this special day with an ANNIVERSARY SALE! Starting, September 9, 2021. On the occasion of their Birthday sale, the cost of shared plan or dedicated server will be for free


During their Birthday, the shared hosting, Offshore hosting, Reseller hosting, Vps/Dedicated server plan will be for free, for new and existing customers.

The are offering 5 month free service for existing customer's that has use their service up-to a year

Details of HoganHost BIRTHDAY Promo

Hoganhost Birthday Celebration. No Coupon code needed to grab this amazing offer.

Promo Start Date: September 9, 2021

End Date: September 13, 2021

Grab This Offer https://hoganhost.com.ng/

We wish Hoganhost happy 2nd anniversary

Thursday, August 26, 2021

I Look Up To Don Jazzy, Wizkid, Olamide, Others || DonJoe

Joseph Durodola an Osun State-born Artist is one the fastest rising Pop Singer in Nigeria. Going by the Stage name of DonJoe, he has released two singles in 2021, namely “Morenikemi and Sabi." He worked with Young John in the production of the Morenikemi single.
The multi-talented artist is one of the fast-rising singers to look out for as he promised good music for his fans among which includes “Yibidun”, a dancehall song which will feature the Music Mogul and Mavins Boss, Don Jazzy. Broda Shaggi and Mr Macaroni will be featured in the video production of the single.
While responding to an interview, DonJoe explained the reason behind his hits, “Morenikemi and Sabi." The music, according to him, were intended to preach love and humanity in people.
He further explained that he discovered his musical gifts and “I have been doing music since 2010”. According to him, he has been a member of his Church Choir since he was a child. This experience further "transmits and “socializes me to the music world”, he added.
DonJoe has performed in different concerts, wedding occasions amongst others.
In years to come, he imagines seeing his songs going viral and reaching superstardom both in Nigeria and Worldwide, helping people etc.
He draws inspiration from Don Jazzy, WizKid, Adekunle Gold with whom they shared a cordial relationship, Olamide.
In his advice to up and coming artists, he urged them to build their sound to preach the content of music and correct societal ills.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

kika Osunde Precedence for success

kika Osunde Precedence for success

Kika Osunde

The youngest of an eccentric family of 4; she is what they call ‘Baby Last’. Also the other half of the quality conscious hair extension brand 'Good Hair'.

As the CEO and Co-founder of Good Hair Ltd, Brass & Copper Lifestyle and The Good Hair Space, Chioma Ikokwu has a client list that spans the globe, including places such as Tanzania, South Africa, France, USA, Jamaica, New Zealand, Bahamas, Switzerland and Russia.

Kika has also been awarded the ‘Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year award’, the ‘Most Enterprising Female in Nigeria’ award, and the ‘Best Hair Brand’ award. She has also graced the cover of magazines such as TW Magazine and featured in newspapers such as the Guardian and This Day for her achievements and charitable work.

Kika’s academic background is in Business. She has a degree in Business and Marketing from University College Birmingham and always

Good Hair launched in 2012 and slowly grew from strengths to strengths with an extensive buyer profile of repeat customers.

The Good Hair clientele now ranges from the First Lady of Angola (former and present, Vice President of Nigeria; Mrs Jennifer Atiku, former First Lady of Oyo State, First Lady of Anambra State, First Lady of Ghana, First Lady of Zimbabwe, First Lady of Congo, First Lady of Cameroon. The Queens of Swaziland and the richest black woman on earth. We also look after the top footballers wives.

Meet British/Nigerian beauty, fashion, and luxury influencer Kika Osunde or better known as @kikagoodhair.

An entrepreneur by day and a girl next door by night. What distinguishes this influencer from the rest, is her unique path to the world of social media. For most, the conventional path is blogger/Youtuber turned entrepreneur but for Kika, she started off as a hair-entrepreneur and restauranteur and through her authentic lifestyle, found her way to social media.

In an industry where it’s competitive, unpredictable and challenging but Kika’s savvy skills made her leap from success to success with her brands @goodhairltd and @brassandcopperofficial - which garnered a following of young women who could see their goals and aspirations in here.

Aside from her entrepreneurial adornments andcharitable work, Kika does an amazing job ofkeeping the community engaged and building high-impact relationships with them. For her, authenticity comes a long way, and paired with hard work and charm, she not only catches her audience’s attention with her impeccable sense of style, beauty, and an aspirational lifestyle, but their hearts as well.

Kika teaches about life, confidence, how to adopt a relentless work ethic, and exhibits African woman spunk that is endearing and a joy to watch. Her future aspirations is to create a wide array ofproducts that suit and are affordable to all demographics – which allows her to give back in more ways than one.

An optimistic, ‘free-spirited go-getter. Kika is that influencer who continues to shift the paradigms and allows her authenticity to break barriers andeffectively inspire a generation.

Inspired by Angela Ahrendts :

“The foundation of any great mission is being able to look at somebody straight in the eye and then being to hear them. I’m all about seeing people live their best lives each and every day and in that webecome united, in our dreams and aspirations - all day every day!”

Friday, August 6, 2021

Official Unique

Official Unique is a lifestyle brand founded by Oluwatoyosi Malomo -an artiste, blogger, writer, director and graphic designer. She is a performing art graduate from the University of Ilorin, Kwara State. The brand was established with a strong desire for entertainment and art development within Nigeria and across borders.

Over the years, the brand has significantly been involved in the growth of individual and corporate brands, by exploring creative approaches that improve their development. Kicking of more than three years ago as a blog website popularly known as Officialuniqueblog, the platform serves as a home to celebrate phenomenal entertainers and entrepreneurs. Also, it features Exhibitions, Events, Places, Articles, Music, Videos, Celebrity Shout-out, Unique Personality and Performing Art spots.

Furthermore, the blog’s regular mix tapes feature songs from fast rising and top artistes patronized by music lovers across the globe. The brand promotion of creatives across sectors including; writers, models, DJs and entrepreneurs cannot be overemphasized.

As part of the brand’s credentials, official unique has a movie titled Blade and a song titled burst their brain ft. Suzie Ocean and Zeemyght with an accompanying video and is available on all digital platforms. It also has several events and shows to its name. The blog’s YouTube channel exists to expand the objective of the brand in content production where event coverage, movies and trailers, music videos, behind the scene and shows – like Casual Day,  a show that reveals the normal life of creatives – peculiar to the blog features. As the brand evolves, it extends service into graphics, printing and branding.

With the positive development over time, the brand has grown beyond a blog as a lot of other arms have been established. The brand is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission and has the license to function in these aspect AUDIO & VIDEO PRODUCTION & PROMOTIONS, BLOGGING, GRAPHICS & BRANDING, EVENTS & AWARD, PUBLISHING, PR& MEDIA.

To partner or work with this amazing platform and also to get updates, you can contact us on any of the following;

Whatsapp or Call: +234 816 143 0621

Website: officialunique.com

Blog: officialuniqueblog.com.ng

IG: Officialuniqueblog and Officialuniquedesign

Twitter: auniqueblogger

Facebook: Unique Blog Official and officialuniquedesign

Audiomack: Official Unique Blog

Youtube: Official Unique Blog

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Again, Titan Farms Unveils Jaiye Kuti as Brand Ambassador

Again, Titan Farms Unveils Jaiye Kuti as Brand Ambassador

Weeks after unveiling Nkechi Blessing as its Brand Ambassador, Titan Farms has unveiled the multiple award-winning Nollywood actress, Jaiye Kuti.

  The unveiling ceremony took place on Tuesday at the Titan Farms Office, Ibadan, Oyo State.

    While unveiling the CEO, Aare (Engr) Gbenga Eyiolawi expressed that "growing a brand has never been an easy job as you need all postive and effective collaboration you can get to support and assist with the process. We know this, that is why we sought our one of the best in entertainment 
and marketing industry, Mrs. Jaime Kuti to join us in the path of growth and progress".

  "We welcome our mummy into this beautiful family". He further expressed.

   Titan Farm is a leading agro trade business that has its interest in Rice, Yam Flour, Rice Flour, Vegetable Oil, Farm Estates and Table Water production.


Tolu Oluwo,
Head of PR/Media
Titan Farms



Email *

Message *