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Showing posts with label LP CELEBRITY LP GIST. Show all posts

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Tolu Oluwo Celebrates with Jagunlabi Foundation Boss


Tolu Oluwo Celebrate with Jagunlabi Foundation Boss

Happy birthday to my Egbon and friend. It’s amazing what you doing for Kwara State etc through your Jagunlabi Foundation.
Seeing the smart homes you are building all over the country as a developer is also worthy of note. Thank you for not compromising on standards. I join everyone in the tRoG World family, as much as your staff in Dawas Properties and Jagunlabi Foundation to wish you a happy birthday.

It’s my utmost prayer that all your wishes will come to pass speedily, especially in the light of bringing your people in Kwara State a new dawn of true governance and leadership

Tolu Oluwo
CEO, tRoG World

Friday, December 24, 2021



The Icons Fashion Show and Awards contest has finally come to an end and the victorious winners have been announced for each category between the distinguished nominees.

The results were made public via the social media platform on Instagram on December 22, 2021, and the promising entrepreneur and owner of the rising media company, TROGWORLDMEDIA, and other businesses; Tolu Oluwo emerged the award winner by a far margin for the “fastest-growing business owner” category.

Congratulations to Mr. Tolu Oluwo.

Thursday, December 23, 2021




OSMAK Hotel and Suites is set to host a Christmas eve party-themed "XMAS EVE GROOVE", an event to get loose and have fun.

The Party is a pre-opening event of the magnificent edifice!!!
The city’s bests have been contacted from Dj Nesco to the ever versatile Wyza to quintessential Oyinkanade and the Diva; Sade Blaq.

The groove party will take place at OSMAK Hotel and Suites; situated at Akala express road, beside the Anchor mall, Zionist estate, Ibadan, Oyo State.
Your Christmas Eve just got better!!!
The hotel has 28 sophisticated rooms; suites and 2 service apartments!
There is also an inside lounge, an outside bar, a standard and well maintained swimming pool amongst other basic amenities
For more details, pls contact
09032598665 or 09032638908

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The Movie #AfricanMessiah is now Showing at a Cinema Near You

  The Movie #AfricanMessiah is now Showing at a Cinema Near You

It all started as an idea and now it looks like reality is upon us. The movie #AfricanMessiah is now showing at a cinema near you, this is a movie you cannot afford to miss.


Mr Ibrahim S. Okwilague, the Executive Director of the movie disclosed that 20% of what ever the movie will generate at the box office after tax will be contributed to the less privileged as he believes giving back to the society matters a lot in what ever one does.


In case you're looking forward to getting entertained with your loved ones, #AfricanMessiah is a movie you should watch at the cinema with your family and friends.

Starring: @lasisielenu










Directed by:@blessingegbe1

Produced by @peekaboomg


Screenplay by @blessingegbe1










@magnificentcinemas  @vicoladcinemasisolo @vinmilancinemasasaba












Ep @greatiby

Distributed by @greatibyentertainment






Sunday, November 28, 2021

Fast Rising Star ”Adeexy” Setting Trend With His New Unusual Afrobeats Sound

Fast Rising Star ”Adeexy” Setting Trend With His New Unusual Afrobeats Sound

Afro-beat is evolving into a more beautiful genre of music as new young talents emerge in the music industry.

Multi-talented artiste, Adeexy appears to be one of the new young talents setting a new standard for Afro-beat in Nigeria and across Africa.


As the name implies, Afro-beats, a genre of music that represents the sound and musical tune of Africa but it is saddening that many Nigerian artists who claim to be Afro-beat acts are doing music far from what is true-afrobeat.

Adeexy is one of the few Nigerian artiste that can boast of discography filled with true Afro-beat and sometimes as the spirit leads, he could decide to be unusual by infusing some other elements to his Afro-beat and making it become what he describes as Afro-fusion.

Unlike the Pioneer of Afro-beat, Fela Anikulapo Kuti whose Afro-beat sound got Nigerians awakened to the pain of bad governance, Adeexy’s Afrobeat sound relieves Nigerians of the pain.

His previous singles  “Easy”, “Wedding Day”  which was released July 2021  and Nov 2021 affirmed the claims that Adeexy’s kind of Afro-beat is excellently usual and creatively out of the norm.


Meanwhile, the question that may likely come to your mind at this point is; Why is Adeexy so good with Afro-beat?


The reason is not far-fetched, he is an artist who grew up culturally rich, his background as an Osun boy born and raised in Osun State made him a complete package of Afro-beat and more.

Taking a wide look around the music industry, you will notice the dominance of South-West artists and the huge success recorded from scores of artists from the South-West now.


No doubt, Adeexy has what it takes to be the next big thing in the history of Afro-beat. His current social media activities have given a hint that he’s got a new song coming and it’s definitely a project all Nigerian music lovers should watch out for.

Of course, the best of this young talent Adeexy is yet to come. Watch out for him!!



Thursday, October 21, 2021

Music was the get away from the noise reality had to offer – Chantel


Music was the get away from the noise reality had to offer – Chantel

TROG World Media hosted a personal interview with upcoming artiste Chantel who introduced herself as OJUOLAPE PELUMI MARY and explained the interpretation of her stage name as a term that was coined from the words “chant” and “tell”.

She revealed that looking back, her background was full of opposition that it would have been difficult to conclude she will end up as a music artist. She started writing music because she found solace in it and that it was a get away from the noise reality had to offer.

She says being a music artiste will always be her first choice but if music didn’t work, she would definitely be a fashion designer; she further described her creative process as to involve self motivation, determination and most importantly a sprinkle of soothing music. All this including personal experience come together to inspire her to make good music, this shows she is very intentional about her content.
She then revealed her role models to be Tiwa Savage and Beyonce, she said her most favorite song to perform is Iremide remix, which written by very herself.

When asked what inspires her music, she replied that it depends on her mood and environment. She said the next frontier for her to conquer as an artist will be to make music that would transcend time, launching award winning Album(s) was stated to be a desired goal too. Owing to her interest in fashion designing she included that having a cloth brand would not be a bad idea. She disclosed that it was her heart desire to fulfil all these within the next five years.

She further mentioned during the interview that she would change how female performers/acts are perceived and treated in the music industry.

And On a final note, she sent a message out to her every fans promising to always make good music and never let them down especially when it came to contents.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

I Look Up To Don Jazzy, Wizkid, Olamide, Others || DonJoe

Joseph Durodola an Osun State-born Artist is one the fastest rising Pop Singer in Nigeria. Going by the Stage name of DonJoe, he has released two singles in 2021, namely “Morenikemi and Sabi." He worked with Young John in the production of the Morenikemi single.
The multi-talented artist is one of the fast-rising singers to look out for as he promised good music for his fans among which includes “Yibidun”, a dancehall song which will feature the Music Mogul and Mavins Boss, Don Jazzy. Broda Shaggi and Mr Macaroni will be featured in the video production of the single.
While responding to an interview, DonJoe explained the reason behind his hits, “Morenikemi and Sabi." The music, according to him, were intended to preach love and humanity in people.
He further explained that he discovered his musical gifts and “I have been doing music since 2010”. According to him, he has been a member of his Church Choir since he was a child. This experience further "transmits and “socializes me to the music world”, he added.
DonJoe has performed in different concerts, wedding occasions amongst others.
In years to come, he imagines seeing his songs going viral and reaching superstardom both in Nigeria and Worldwide, helping people etc.
He draws inspiration from Don Jazzy, WizKid, Adekunle Gold with whom they shared a cordial relationship, Olamide.
In his advice to up and coming artists, he urged them to build their sound to preach the content of music and correct societal ills.

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Snoweezy Visits Titan Farms CEO Ahead Of Campus Rave


Snoweezy, a fast rising artiste with YYB record label on Monday visited the Chief Executive Officer of Titan Farms, Engr Gbenga Eyiolawi, along side CEO tRoG World Media, Mr Tolu Oluwo ahead of the Campus rave to tertiary institutions in the country.
The campus rave by Titan Farms is one in which the company has special packages for the students to make financially independent outside of providing for them alternative and very affordable food items.
For this, Titan Farms is also working in partnership with many notable Nigeria's hip pop artistes, comedians and students sensations, including Snoweezy of "Yielding Young Billionaire" record label and tRoG World Media.
Speaking during the visit to the CEO, who was recently named the Aare Kebimapalu of Ibadan land, Snoweezy noted that all hands are on deck to ensure the campus rave, which will kick off at any time soon, turn out successful.
"The numerous products of Titan Farms are essential to our survival as humans and it is time for all and sundry to start patronising the company as one of the only few Nigerian companies with a proven track record of producing quality products," he noted.
He also appreciated the CEO for the opportunity given to him and other young Nigerians.

Sunday, June 6, 2021

What Killed Prophet TB Joshua? God or Man? (See This)

Something is not right with TB Joshua's death. I don’t think he died a natural death.


On the 6th of June 2021 the world woke up to a sad news of the death of a renowned Clergy man Prophet T.B Joshua who died shortly after officiating a behind close doors deliverance service at his Church’s mountain in Agodo area of Lagos.

His death has drew so many sympathizers around the world with many reactions and questions as to why he died so soon.

Some said it is God who called him home, others said he paid the price for his sins. Who knows?๐Ÿคท

Well personally I think T.B Joshua was eliminated. Why I think so?

Some months back an ex staff working in mountain premises where Joshua resided before his painful demise said there was some disagreement and misunderstanding within the body and authority of the church after Joshua’s food was “allegedly” poisoned by the cook. To those of you who attended night classes, read again. I said ALLEGEDLY!๐Ÿคท

Note: TB Joshua does not eat anyhow and any kinda food. His food is always prepared by male cooks under strict supervision, no woman is allowed to cook for him and after his food is prepared, it is been sealed totally just the way a tin tomatoes is sealed. After that the food would be transported to wherever he is, still under supervision. He opens his food by himself.

So the question now is, why did his cook poison his food? Was the cook bribed or something? And why did they(the church authority) conceal the matter? Hmmm ๐Ÿค”

According to an insider, during the close doors deliverance service at his Church’s mountain in Agodo area of Lagos yesterday, he stumbled more than thrice, but everyone thought all is well with him.

Well with these few point there’s a possibility that something has been eating him up for a while now. Joshua was sick.

To those saying it’s God that took him I have a question for y’all. Why would God keep on killing the younger people?
Last time He killed Adeboye’s son, and now T.B Joshua at age 57? C’mon man, that’s crazy!

I drop pen here for now.



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